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Welcome to Allen & Searing Criminal Lawyers. Our team of criminal advocates are committed to ensuring our clients have access to representation at all stages of their matter.

Allen & Searing Criminal Lawyers is a reputable legal firm based in Southport, Queensland with a strong presence at the Southport Courthouse. Our dedicated team of professionals also frequently appear in courts across Queensland.  At Allen & Searing Criminal Lawyers, we specialise in providing comprehensive legal representation in criminal law.

By focusing our efforts in this area, our practitioners have honed their skills and gained extensive expertise in representing clients involved in criminal court proceedings and commissions. We are committed to offering exceptional legal services to individuals facing criminal charges.
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Allen & Searing Criminal Lawyers have decades of experience in dealing with police and working within the criminal justice system.

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A successful strategy, from the first day of consultation. Our practitioners are uniquely positioned to apply their extensive knowledge of the system together with their many years of practical experience to gain the best outcome for you.

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Having legal representation at the time of arrest can make all the difference to the outcome of criminal proceedings. If you or someone you know has been charged by police, or has been detained, please telephone us so we can provide you with advice about your rights and obligations.

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