We Care About Our Community
Allen & Searing Criminal Lawyers care about our local community. The place we live and work is integral to us, so we contribute where we can to the following sponsorship programs.

Supporting the Griffith University Annual Appeals by providing a scholarship to a student who is excelling at their studies despite financial or personal hardship.

A scholarship can provide vital relief for students struggling to pay for the essentials of university and daily life, including books, computer equipment, food and rent.

These scholarships can drastically reduce the stress experienced by students worried about money, allowing them to concentrate on their studies.

In many cases, the support can mean the difference between a student completing their course or deferring, or even halting, their studies.

Each year since 2000, we have been sponsoring 5 disadvantaged and special needs children to attend the annual Rotary Club Circus Quirkus.

Circus Quirkus is an annual event hosted by the Broadwater Southport Rotary Club providing free entertainment to families/carers with disadvantaged children from the Gold Coast.

Funds raised by this event are mainly used to purchase much needed equipment for the Gold Coast University Hospital’s children wards.

Annual Sponsorship of the Teenage Adventure Camps Queensland to assist terminally ill teenagers and those with life threatening illnesses.

TAC-Q is a charity organisation that aims to add brightness to the lives of teenagers who have life threatening illnesses. They host a number of days and events regularly but the highlight of every year is the annual week-long adventure camp.

The week-long adventure camp strengthens and empowers the teens by enabling them to try activities that might seem out of reach, such as parasailing and rock climbing. By bringing the teens together they get a chance to form friendships with other children who have similar health issues, and helps them to see they aren’t alone in their challenges.

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